Fernando Casanova pidió a católicos respetar a su madre y hermana que son protestantes.


Fernando Casanova, el famoso ex-pastor protestante convertido años atrás junto a su esposa e hijos al catolicismo, y que ahora es un predicador católico laico, pidió en un mensaje publicado en su cuenta oficial de Twitter que se respete a los evangélicos que no profesan la fe católica.

El también colaborador de EWTN, mencionó en su mensaje que tanto su madre como su hermana, mujeres cercanas y muy importantes en su vida, son protestantes, por lo que para él son dolorosos los insultos que algunos católicos suelen proferir contra los hermanos separados.

Casanova pidió respeto a estas mujeres que forman parte de su vida, señalando lo incorrecto de las generalizaciones que se suelen hacer cuando ciertos católicos hablan negativamente de los miembros de las comunidades protestantes.

El mensaje completo de Fernando Casanova fue el siguiente:

“Mi madre es protestante, y también mi hermana Saida, la más cercana a mí. 

Cuando los condenas e insultas a todos ellos me hieres mucho. Me duele. 

Por favor, ten cuidado de las generalizaciones. Respeta a mis mujeres.”

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  1. Vean esto que publicó una protestante con casi 200 likes. Son Cristianos y ahora dicen que el Catolicismo es demoniaco, como la brujerîa.
    Su nombre es Michelle Padgett y dice,
    "Do you know that in India and all throughout Asia and the island nations alone they have over 4 Million gods and goddesses and forms of False Religions all tied to the serpentine and marine demons?

    Marine and Serpentine Demons are real and they are infiltrating The Church and Ministries all throughout America and around the world.

    Many times they come in through very subtle innocent looking ways.

    Here are some of the ways that New Age is released in your life, Ministry or Church..
    Yoga, Christian Yoga, Angel numbers, psychics, tarot card reading, energy healing, grounding, mermaids, good luck dragons, earthing, reiki, chakras, opening up the third eye, horoscopes, tapping, crystals, saging, setting up shrines in your home and so many other ways..

    As a Deliverance and Healing Minister I am very sensitive to spot these demons anywhere and everywhere they are hiding or operating.


    A little bit about my testimony,
    I came out of New Age Practices many many years ago when I was attending the university where I switched my major from Anesthesiology and was training to get my Degrees and all the extra training and credentials I needed to become an Alternative Medicine and Naturopathic Doctor.

    Here are a just a few ways to know if you are being infected by the demonic marine and serpentine kingdom.

    You have participated in any of the following or may be affected by the Demonic Marine or Serpentine Spirits..
    new age or eastern cultural religious practices, live near the water, ocean, seas, rivers, lakes, etc.
    Practiced Catholicism, Buddhism,witchcraft, yoga, acupuncture.

    Symptoms you may have..
    migraine headaches, lower back pain, infertility, demons are attacking you in your sleep, having dreams about swimming, snakes, water creatures, have breathing issues, brain fogginess, lived a homosexual lifestyle, was raped, molested or had an abortion, sexual addictions, Pornography, ongoing trouble in your marriage, etc.

    These are just some of the symptoms and examples of how the enemy can come in through marine spirits.

    I will be going Live and sharing my testimony of how God delivered me from these slithering serpents of New Age and praying for those who need to be FREE too.."

  2. Desde que existe los protestantes su predica es de insultó al catolicismo; y aunque no se trata de un ojo por ojo la iglesia debe defender su fé con celo


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